Many of travelers visiting Japan try to find right place
to experience the Japanese traditional culture.
EDOCCO Chaya at Kanda Myoujin Shrine is the exactly right place
to enjoy and experience the essence of Japanese culture.

Enjoy Matcha with sweets watching Japanese dance show

We’ll serve Matcha tea with the traditional sweet. You can learn how to make Matcha tea by yourself.
With Matcha and sweet, you can also enjoy the Japanese traditional dance show. The Japanese traditional dance and music reflect the seasons. Performers will explain the meaning of music and choreography in English.

Mini workshop -Shodo, Origami and Kimono cosplay

After the dance show, you can take kinds of workshops, Japanese calligraphy, Origami and Kimono cosplay. You can learn how to write your name in Katakana. Also, an Origami Crain of your work and Kimono photos will be good souvenir and good memories of your trip.



Every Tuesday & Friday
①10:30 〜/②12:00〜/③14:00〜

*Required advanced reservations



per person *Admission free for preschool children

tax included
Required time

about 45〜75mins

For groups, you have to take turns to experience some workshops.

For groups and private event

Please feel free to contact us for group reservation or private events on preferred date.
We can arrange the activity for your own groups. (Minimum number of participants required : 30persons)

English is available

Credit card and E-money are available